Sky News guest speaking on the role of Memorials

BBC World - the aftermath of the MH17 Malaysian Plane disaster

Therapy Today

How I Became a Therapist. In this article for Therapy Today (Dec 13) I reflect on the events that led me to train as a psychotherapist. I look at the way that personal experience of 9/11 shaped my thinking around personal and collective trauma.

The Guardian

Interview with Society Guardian about the need for community building following a disaster. Read more

The value of disaster memorials and rituals

In this article for Mental Health Today, published on the 11th anniversary on September 11, I reflect on the importance of physical memorials and anniversary rituals in the process of healing after disasters. Read it here

Ten years after 9/11, disaster support groups are still much needed

In this article for Mental Health Today, I look at the importance of group interventions in the aftermath of disasters. Download as PDF

Touching The Sound Of Silence

Essays on the Theory and Practice of Psychospiritual Psychology came out Sep 2013 to mark the 40th anniversary of the Institute of Psychosynthesis, where I trained as a therapist. I contributed a chapter 'Touching the Sound of Silence' focusing on contextual issues in working therapeutically with victims of disasters. Get it here.